Songbird 2018

Songbird is a VR experience by the Guardian. It is a short narrated experience concerning rare birds close to extinction on Hawaii.

Hawaii is the bird extinction capital of the world. Many of the birds native to the islands are severely under threat, but for some it’s too late. The fabled ʻōʻō was last seen in 1985. Set in the painted cloud forest of Kauai, Songbird takes you back in time to meet the legendary bird and hear its last song.

I developed and created the visual content together with Michelle and Uri Kranot. 3D animation was done by Philip Louis Piaget Rodriguez, and Denis Chapon did the 2D animation for the birds. Signe Tveitan did modeling and rigging of the ʻōʻō.


  • Thessaloniki Film Festival – Best VR
  • Festival du nouveau cinéma – Special Mention

Songbird as also been shown at CPH:DOX, Bergen Film Festival, Adelaide Film Festival, Geneva Int. Film Festival and Viborg Animations Festival.

Making of

Take a look at the Songbird: Making of article, for more specific details of how this project was made.

Project details

GenreVR experience
Technique2D and 3D computer animation
ReleasedMay 2018

Download Songbird for Daydream on the Guardian VR app.


Screenshots of the Windows version of Songbird