Maya: Tweener 2020

Tweener is a tool similar to TweenMachine or aTools/animBot. It allows you to quickly create in-betweens or adjust existing keys by interpolating towards adjacent keyframes, and can speed-up your workflow when creating breakdowns and in-betweens.

Maya: Rigging for Unity 2019

This post is a collection of troubles, tips and tricks that I’ve learned while rigging characters in Maya for use in Unity. It serves as both a collection of “mini tutorials” and more generally what to do, and what not to do.

RenderMan: hammered metal shader 2017

Hammered gold, or a “hammered” look in general can be a very charming and desireable look, as it gives a feel of something handmade and naturally worn. It is also applicable to give objects an antique look.

Though this article is based on RenderMan 21.5 for Maya, it should be easily modified for any application using RenderMan.