RenderMan hammered metal shader 2017

Hammered gold, or a “hammered” look in general can be a very charming and desireable look, as it gives a feel of something handmade and naturally worn. It is also applicable to give objects an antique look.

Though this article is based on RenderMan 21.5 for Maya, it should be easily modified for any application using RenderMan.

Empty shelves after restarting Maya 2017

Sometimes Maya does not seem to remember changes you make to shelves. For example, creating a new shelf and adding commands to it will result in an empty shelf when you restart Maya. Googling the issue showed that it’s a common issue, and I’ve seen suggestions to erase all your preferences, which solves the problem.

I decided wanted to dig deeper and find the issue, since I didn’t want to setup all my preferences again. The culprit seemed to be somewhere in the userPrefs.mel file, and opening the file showed me that the same shelf was being created a vast number of times.