Lost Tracks

Bachelor Project from The Animation Workshop. I directed the project and worked as an animator and generalist as well.

The game is about finding your inner courage and is set in the mind of the protagonist.


The Gang

Featuring Nadia, Lene, Roos and the anonymous x

Annecy 15

_DSF4063-Edit _DSF4030 _DSF4012 _DSF3970

Demo Reel January 2016

My latest demo reel is here!

Special Delivery – Aardman

It has been about a month since I returned from 3 very pleasant months in Bristol, interning at Aardman Animations, and one of the projects I worked on there is out! Special Delivery is a short interactive film, which I imagine is best experienced on your smartphone, but can be seen in the video above (try it out – it’s interactive!).

For my part I mostly worked on the background characters, which turned out to be great fun. Below is one of the parts I did – but do check out the full film first… I should note that it is not the final look, but merely a playblast from Maya. I only did the animation in the shot.

Fox Tree


Lene’s fashion walk

Pen on paper. 2015.

Lene waiting for dinner

While waiting for dinner at a restaurant.

Pen on paper.



A man with a hoodie. 

Mother and Daughter


Small Vista

Double Fine was here today!

Tim Schafer, Greg Rice and Ray Crook came by our attic where we are making our bachelor game project. They were kind enough to try out parts of our game and give their thoughts, as well as share some of their secret knowledge with us.

Long walk

Story time

A tower of giraffes