Vie 2014

A one month short film production made for Viborg Animationsfestival, a local animation festival. It was made at The Animation Workshop in collaboration with Bath Spa.

It was the first project I directed and it was quite a learning experience. It was a fun experience and as with all projects, in retrospect there’s almost always things you’d like to do different. But overall I am happy about the mood and pacing of the film. And it was fun to mix up 2D and 3D, learning a bit of Nuke on the way. I also got to do both 2D and 3D animation on the project.



Alternative Version

I decided to post two versions. The top one is the official as shown in the cinema (though, it didn’t have credits in the cinema) with music by Hannah Moylan. The second one is the exact same film, but with sound and music by Steve Crabb.It was really difficult to choose, but in the end I felt that Hannah’s music was a bit closer to the mood we were setting.


The following is some of the extra animation done for the wide shot.