Nuke: projection mapping and baking textures 2018

Recently at work I’ve had a need for projecting images onto 3D models and baking the textures down for use in Unity. This led me to try a few different techniques for baking texture projections. I tried Maya’s native projection, Renderman and finally Nuke, which by far was the easiest and fastest of the three. Especially since we often needed to adjust the textures and re-project them.

RenderMan: hammered metal shader 2017

Hammered gold, or a “hammered” look in general can be a very charming and desireable look, as it gives a feel of something handmade and naturally worn. It is also applicable to give objects an antique look.

Though this article is based on RenderMan 21.5 for Maya, it should be easily modified for any application using RenderMan.

Mapping Square Input to Circle in Unity 2017

Moving the player using the input from a keyboard of joystick is easy, though as soon as you start moving in a diagonal direction either using thumb sticks or pressing down two keys at once, you may notice the player will move faster compared to walking forward of sideways. Mapping to a circle can solve this issue.